Conrad Kain Cairn

During his many landmark ascents, Conrad Kain took time to build his trademark summit cairns, some of which can be seen to this day from vantage points in Canada’s Rockies and Purcells and New Zealand’s Alps. Part of that tradition of cairn-building came from his many years of employment with the Geographical Survey of Canada and A.O. Wheeler, pioneer surveyor and co-founder of the Alpine Club of Canada.

Conrad Kain Painting Raffle April 24-July 11, 2009

Artist Pat Bavin (also a CKCS member) has created a lovely Kain-theme painting "Local Ascent, Conrad Kain" and donated it to the Society as a fundraiser. The 28" x 22" acrylic collage on canvas combines a portrait of Kain with three of the most technical peaks he made first ascents of: Farnham Tower and Bugaboo Spire in the Purcells and Mt Louis in the Rockies.

Kain Tea and Book Launch at Windermere Valley Museum

The Windermere Valley Museum hosted a tea with a Theme cake served in honour of Conrad Kain on June 6, with guest speaker Arnor Larson sharing Kain anecdotes with upwards of 100 people curious about Kain and life in the valley during his time.

Most of the displays in the main building have been dedicated to "Kain and Mountaineering in the Valley". There are some climbing artifacts on display as well as many photos. The Display will continue until Mid-September.

Conrad Kain Display at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff

The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies is the gateway for experiencing and enjoying its history, culture and art in order to inspire and cultivate knowledge and the exchange of ideas.

As such, the museum has worked closely with the CKCS during this Centennial year, and we are most grateful for their generous collaboration. The Byron Harmon photos that you see on this website come from their archives, as do the photos used by Rocky Mountain Books in the fourth edition of Where the Clouds Can Go.

Conrad Kain Mountain Film Night

Following on the heels of last year’s successful Conrad Kain Mountain Film Night at J.A. Laird school (13 St & 13 Ave) in Invermere, the CKCS has decided to make this an annual event.
The evening is comprised of films from the best of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Fest, and will be held April 24, 2009.
Details of the films to be shown can be found here.
Doors open at 6 p.m., films 7 p.m. til midnight.
Film Tickets $12 at the door. Children under 8 free of charge.