Mt Huber

September 11-13, 2009 One of the first significant peaks that Kain guided for the Alpine Club of Canada, at their summer camp at Lake O'Hara in 1909, was 3368 m Mt Huber, in Yoho Park



A couple of dozen ACC members joined several from the CKCS on the weekend of September 11-13 at the ACC Elizabeth Parker Hut to commemorate this event.

Bugaboos Teens Climbing Camp

There is no better living legacy to Conrad Kain than for young climbers to receive professionally guided access to the peaks that he made famous, and learn basic climbing skills in the Bugaboo Group of the Purcell Range in southeastern British Columbia.

Conrad Kain Celebration a Success!

Where the Clouds Can Go, a song inspired by the book of the same name, composed and performed by recording artist Mark Koenig, uplifted the already high spirits of the 450 + crowd that came to celebrate Wilmer's mountaineering legend, Conrad Kain on July 11.

Conrad Kain Park Opening and Cairn Ceremony

July  11, 2009  Park Gate and Cairn Unveiling Ceremony

We’ve got a fun-filled afternoon and evening of community-minded events in motion for this, our consummate centennial celebration.

Arrival of "Conrad Kain" on Horse Back 3 p.m. CKCS member and guide/outfitter Bill Dubois will lead a string of horses through the streets of Wilmer. Actor Phillip Nugent, depicting Conrad Kain, and Laurie Schwartz, depicting Elizabeth Parker (Parker was one of the founding members of the Alpine Club of Canada) will be astride the horses.

Bugaboos For Teens

A mixed group of teens from the East Kootenay, made up of 12 hikers, and six climbers, are in the process of being invited to join several members of the CKCS, the ACC, and CMH for an outing to the Conrad Kain Hut in the Bugaboos.

Our aim is to provide professionally guided access to this magnificent landscape for youth who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. We are confident that it will help develop in them a firsthand appreciation for nature and in so doing, discover something about themselves.