Conrad Kain Returns to Robson 100 Years Later

The CKCS climbing team joined Laurie Schwartz, producer of a play (under the auspices of Banff National Park Mountainwit) “As Far As I Can Take You”, and actor David Thomson for the lovely walk in to the joint CKCS/ACC Mt Robson Centennial camp on August 25 . 

After we mingled with the ACC team members, David launched smoothly into his role as Conrad Kain and entertained both climbers and a crowd of appreciative hikers from the nearby campsite with a monologue that touched on the highlights of the great Austrian guide’s life in Canada.

Thanks for your contributions to Bugaboos Teens 2013

Many thanks for contributing to an unusually successful Conrad Kain Centennial Society Bugaboos Teens outing this year.

I've posted a story and photos to our website at, and have circulated this material to the local papers, the Alpine Club of Canada Newsnet service, and various Facebook sites that the teens and their friends share information on.

Video clip at

Kain Play Offered Again This Summer

Laurie Schwartz and Banff National Park's Mountainwit program will be bringing our favourite mountaineer back for a few more performances of "As far as I can take you" - the Life of Conrad Kain. The premiere of this year's play, featuring professional actor David Thomson happens on July 30 at the ACC Clubhouse in Canmore at 7:30 p.m.

Bugaboos Teens 2013

“For the fifth consecutive year, teens from the Columbia and Kootenay valleys have realized the satisfaction of self propelled sport and discovered the thrill of mountaineering in the world famous Bugaboo Provincial Park. This climbing initiative was begun by the Conrad Kain Centennial Society in 2009 as a tribute to mountain guide Conrad Kain,” said CKCS chairman Pat Morrow.

Family of Kain visits from Austria

For three fun-filled days in early June, Karin and Brigitte Schmid, and their friend Ulli Kuenzle came from Austria to seek out people from the Conrad Kain Centennial Society, and others, who knew something about their great, great uncle.

Members of the Society escorted them around the upper Columbia valley, and sent them off to Mt Robson and the Whyte Museum in Banff where they were able to read some of Conrad's archived letters.