Latest numbers for visits to the Conrad Kain series of geocaches.

GC2797B B10: Conrad Kain - Cranbrook 22 Visits

GC278NZ B10: Conrad Kain - Radium 476 Visits

GC278W2 B10: Conrad Kain -- Wilmer Cairn 83 Visits

GC278HV B10: Conrad Kain - Windermere 324 Visits

GC28KA4 Conrad Kain - Banff 2,531 Visits

GC28KAJ Conrad Kain - Canmore 105 Visits

GC21MA0 Conrad Kain - (Austria) commemorative plaque / Gedenktafel 65 Visits

GC2ARVG Mount Robson - Conrad Kain 136 Visits

GC2ARTR Mount Robson Viewpoint - Conrad Kain 566 Visits

GC3HFKF Mount Ethelbert – Conrad Kain 121 visits

Honorary Posthumous ACMG Membership

This year the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides Board of Directors accepted the Honorary Members Committee recommendation that Tim Auger and Conrad Kain (posthumously) be inducted as ACMG Honorary Members in 2014. In a ceremony held in Squamish, B.C. on Oct 18, they presented the awards, and at the 2014 Mountain Guides Ball in Banff, Kain Society chairman Pat Morrow accepted the award on behalf of Conrad, and his relatives Karin and Birgitte Schmid who travelled to Canada from Austria last year in the footsteps of their legendary great Uncle.

Book Review by Ron Dart

There are moments in the mountains when the vast cathedral of rock and silent sentinels are enveloped by low lying clouds and little can be seen—when the clouds lift, the full beauty is revealed. Who could have guessed that the many misplaced letters of, probably, the finest 1st generation Canadian mountaineer were hidden and concealed by the low lying clouds of WWII and dead friends?

Conrad Kain

We're excited to share the news that historian/author/ACC member and longtime CKCS supporter Zac Robinson has just released an important new book about our favourite historic mountain guide. It's called Conrad Kain: Letters from a Wandering Mountain Guide, 1906-1933 and is available at various Chapters and Indigo stores and at several independent booksellers. It’s also online at

Bugaboos Teens 2014

On July 25, the 6th Annual “Bugaboos Teens” climbing program, organized by the Conrad Kain Centennial Society, got off to an auspicious start.  The 10 high school kids from Invermere, Kimberley and Cranbrook got to meet local mountain guiding legend Leo Grillmair, as they were getting outfitted at Canadian Mountain Holiday’s Bugaboo Lodge with climbing helmets, ice axes and crampons.