Conrad Kain's branding iron

Request for Kain Memorabilia - March 2009

The CKCS is trying to gather more Conrad Kain memorabilia for its collection. We are asking the public if anyone knows of the whereabouts of Kain’s branding iron, which looks like a reversed letter C joined to a normal K (see photo above). Items of clothing, climbing gear, or even written anecdotes from those who remember him and his wife Hetta would be of great interest. For any leads we would be very appreciative and may have a great reward, like the soon to be released Centennial Edition of Where the Clouds Can Go. You can get in touch with us via  this website or give a call at 250-342-6237, Hermann Mauthner, chair of CKCS.

Also, a request from Banff Mountain Parks actress, writer, producerLaurie Schwartz. She will be staging a play about Conrad Kain in Canmore May 2, here in Wilmer on July 11, and possibly during the Mt Huber camp at Lake O’Hara in September.

The Mountain WIT troupe from Banff is gearing up for spring and we’re writing a new play on Conrad Kain for the Alpine Club of Canada which will premiere in May.  I'm searching through the mountain parks to find the following items for this show:

- long wooden ice axe (preferably Austrian origin)
- hobnailed climbing boots, or a reasonable facsimile (circa 1909 style)
- long woolen socks
- knee-length woolen climber's trousers (waist size 32)
- 1909 style mountaineer jacket
- Conrad Kain style hat (he appears in photos with quite a variety - some
look like knit caps, some are similar to Tyrollean caps, some are simple
black felt.
- pipe
- hemp rope
- mountain guide patches, badges, crests or other identifiers worn on coat,
hat or ice axe

Shoes:  size 9.5
Shirt size: Medium/small (see neck and arm measurements below)
Pants size:  waist 32 / length 32
Waist:  32"
Neck: 14 1/2"
Chest  37"
Arm length: 27"
Height: 5' 11"

If you have any of these items in your stock and would be willing to sign
them out to us, please let me know!  Also, feel free to forward this
request to whomever you think might have something from this list & could
lend the item(s).  Any other artifacts pertaining to early mountaineering
would be helpful to complement this show as a travelling display.

The cornerstone ideas of the show are:
- Canada through the eyes of a New Canadian (Kain immigrated from Austria
in 1909 to become first official guide for the ACC)
- celebrating Conrad Kain's significant contribution to mountaineering and
skiing in Canada (62 recorded first ascents in Canada, often leading novice
climbing parties; established a ski club in Banff in 1910 & a winter
carnival in 1911)
- appreciation of mountain parks as places of beauty and discovery

Once the play has launched at the ACC annual general meeting in May, it
will be available for booking throughout the mountain parks.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Laurie Schwartz ¬
Mountain W.I.T. /La Troupe esPRIT
office:(403) 760-1328
cell: (403) 763-0452


Watch for Mountain WIT at special events in the Mountain Parks this year.

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