Hermann Mauthner at the panel/cairn site in Radium

Kain Peaks Panel, Radium Hot Springs, BC

In its ongoing efforts to commemorate the life and achievements of local mountain guide Conrad Kain, the Conrad Kain Centennial Society has erected a plaque and cairn at the northeast entrance to Radium highlighting his role in the exploration of the Purcell Range.

The plaque was inspired by a proposal to create an interpretive “trail” through the village of Radium, and the CKCS thought the plaque would serve as an appropriate initiation of the concept.

Located in the small park on the northwest side of Highway 93 as it enters the village, the plaque features a panoramic photo of the Purcells, identifying the peaks visible from that viewpoint and describing Kain’s pioneering ascents of them.

The CKCS designed and funded the site, and local designer Frank Purschwitz provided the artwork, Brian Patton the text, and Pat Morrow the photography. Hermann Mauthner augmented the site with a rock cairn similar to the one he built at the Conrad Kain Park in Wilmer.

While there is no parking at the site, it makes a welcome break for visitors following the sidewalk between Radium and the Kootenay Park gates. The site is also a station on the Conrad Kain Geocache Trail, which stretches from the Columbia Valley and the Rockies to Europe and New Zealand.